Thursday, December 31, 2015

♫★ Happy ☆ 2016 ♥♫ [HD]

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Have A Happy New Year, and May 2016 be YOUR Year!!

Ouch! I'm glad that he is finally going to have to answer for this. Though I have a funny feeling that we will not see the outcome that is needed...

RED CHARGERS: Biggest Wave Ever Paddled at Nazaré? The biggest, most critical wave ever paddled at Nazaré? Will Skudin perseveres as he paddles, wipes out and swims to shore after riding a North Canyon monster.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hahahahaha! I think I will just sit right here!

Hahahahaha!! Let's play follow the leader... Ack! Fail!!

Aww.. I just love Goldens! That is one happy family!

Hahahaha!! The cat is like "What is going on here?"

Hahahahaha!! What it takes to get me up!!

Hahahahaha! I think the dog just is not into it today. "Enough of that already!!"

Hahahahaha! I wanna play! Come on let's play!

Hahahaha! Whack- a-mole for kittens...

lol Spiders, if you can't beat them may as well join them...

Hahahaha! Nice little bed you made for yourself...

Hahahahaha!! It feel a bit humid out here... Don't touch my hair. Seriously, it's going to frizz if you do.

Hahahahaha!! This cat is just a total jerk!! Guess that is why we love them!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hahahahaha!! The mailman doesn't stand a chance now..

Aww.. poor pup tried to get up but was so sleepy....

lol I must go, my planet needs me!

Aww... and I am sure you can and will...

Hahahaha! I kissed a cat and I liked it... relationship status complicated....

lol I need to see a dentist, one of my canines is getting loose.

Awww It has been a week in dog time...

Hahahaha!! Uhmm... It's not what it looks like!

Hahahahaha!! The Pup doesn't like being used as a pillow. The look on her face is priceless!!

Have you ever noticed that a woman's "I'll be ready in five minutes." and a man's "I'll be home in five minutes." are exactly the same? Touche girls touche...

Awesome perfectly timed photo...

lol - Looked up "Dog Swearing" on Google and was not disappointed.

The lake was formed about 2 million years ago and is a part of the Lake Tahoe Basin with the modern lake being shaped during the ice ages. It is known for the clarity of its water and the panorama of surrounding mountains on all sides.The area surrounding the lake is also referred to as Lake Tahoe, or simply Tahoe. More than 75% of the lake's watershed is national forest land, comprising the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit of the United States Forest Service.

La Digue is the third largest inhabited island of the Seychelles in terms of population, lying east of Praslin and west of Felicite Island. In terms of size it is the fourth largest granitic island of Seychelles after Mahé, Praslin and Silhouette Island. It has a population of about 2,000 people, who mostly live in the west coast villages of La Passe (linked by ferry to Praslin and Mahé) and La Réunion. There is no airport on La Digue, so to get there from a foreign country, one has to fly to Victoria and continue by ferry, usually via Praslin. It has an area of 10 km², which makes it relatively easy to travel around by bike or on foot.

Holiday Adventure Kayak With Orcas Aleutian Islands, Alaska The killer whale (Orcinus orca), also referred to as the orca whale or orca, and less commonly as the blackfish or grampus, is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member. Killer whales are found in all oceans, from Arctic and Antarctic regions to tropical seas. Killer whales have a diverse diet, although individual populations often specialize in particular types of prey. Some feed exclusively on fish, while others hunt marine mammals like pinnipeds, and even large whales. They have been known to attack baleen whale calves.Killer whales are regarded as apex predators, lacking natural predators.

Lake Tahoe is a major tourist attraction in both Nevada and California. It is home to a number of ski resorts, summer outdoor recreation, and tourist attractions. Snow and skiing are a significant part of the area's economy and reputation.Mountain and lake scenery are attractions throughout the year. The Nevada side also includes large casinos. Highways provide year-round access to the area.

Rainbow Falls Yosemite Falls In the morning sun after a night of rain, upper Yosemite Falls was generating some beautiful rainbow colors. I used a long lens from near the Awahnee Hotel to capture the vibrant display.

Zakynthos is a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands region, and its only municipality. It covers an area of 410 km2 (158 sq mi) and its coastline is roughly 123 km (76 mi) in length. The name, like all similar names ending in -nthos, is pre-Mycenaean or Pelasgian in origin. In Greek mythology the island was said to be named after Zakynthos, the son of a legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus.

The Yosemite Firefall was a summer time event that began in 1872 and continued for almost a century, in which burning hot embers were spilled from the top of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park to the valley 3,000 feet below. From a distance it appeared as a glowing waterfall. The owners of the Glacier Point Hotel conducted the firefall. History has it that David Curry, founder of Curry Village, would stand at the base of the fall, and yell "Let the fire fall," each night as a signal to start pushing the embers over.

Head in the clouds, eyes on the landing. Koa Smith gets lost in the cotton candy sky on a colorful, North Shore afternoon.

Airwalk Lacanau Pro Junior 2015 Ariane Ochoa #surf #surfphotographer #surfing

Deep House Vocals vol. 3

Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs. Depending on the species, tulip plants can be between 4 inches (10 cm) and 28 inches (71 cm) high. The tulip's large flowers usually bloom on scapes with leaves in a rosette at ground level and a single flowering stalk arising from amongst the leaves.Tulip stems have few leaves. Larger species tend to have multiple leaves. Plants typically have two to six leaves, some species up to 12. The tulip's leaf is strap-shaped, with a waxy coating, and the leaves are alternately arranged on the stem; these fleshy blades are often bluish green in color. Most tulips produce only one flower per stem, but a few species bear multiple flowers on their scapes (e.g. Tulipa turkestanica). The generally cup or star-shaped tulip flower has three petals and three sepals, which are often termed tepals because they are nearly identical. These six tepals are often marked on the interior surface near the bases with darker colorings. Tulip flowers come in a wide variety of colors, except pure blue (several tulips with "blue" in the name have a faint violet hue).

Ross Clarke-Jones at Nazaré - 2016 Billabong Ride of the Year Entry - W...

Surf Girl | Rincon is one of the most famous surf spots in California, known around the world for its well-formed waves and long rides.